Imagine a bus stop by a furniture store
The bus stops for pick-up/drop-off hourly

Imagine you need to transport
5 large pieces of living room furniture
From the store to your home

Imagine asking the bus driver to wait
3-5 minutes per pick-up and drop-off
Until you get all of the furniture
Moved on and off the bus

And then

Imagine 10 other people on the bus doing the same

Now imagine everyone telling the bus driver
To stay on schedule or they'll be late

Now imagine you need to take 3 buses
To get from the store to your home
With all of your living room furniture

Imagine everyone else needs 3 buses
To get from the store to their homes
With all of their living room furniture


Imagine being the bus controller dude at the depot
And wondering where all the buses are
Why they are burning so much petrol
And why none of them seem to be on-schedule
For pick-up, drop-off or maintenance

Imagine this occurring daily