Is there anything more important than learning?

Is there really anything in life more important than the ability to learn?

Hiking the Appalachian trail requires learning about the journey, experiencing the journey, adapting to situations during the journey, and at journey-end reflecting on what to do different or same the next time -- per instance skill measured by general state of post-hike health and distance covered.

Cooking requires learning what food is good to whom, in what situations, paired with what other food and drink types, and knowing when it is prepared 'just right' -- not too done, not too over-done -- per instance skill measured by who eats it.

Participating in a triathlon requires learning about preparation, training, in-race execution, post-race recovery and recognizing what changes need to be made for the whole process next race -- per instance skill measured by your finishing rank.

One could easily argue personal religious worldviews and practices are more important in life than learning, but to defensibly believe in something likely required reflection, learning, outward behavior of some sort -- perhaps measured by whether one knows why they believe what they believe.

Going to school. Having a family. Being married. Negotiating a good deal. Knowing where to get a good meal for business guests. The best beer and brat. The best team composition for a team-based goal. Handling conflict. Taking an important customer phone call. Going to a formal dance ball. Getting the best seats at NASCAR. Making it through London Heathrow without getting lost. Where to eat local in Puerto Vallarta. Delivering product to market under-budget. Leading by example. Navigating a round bottom canoe. Snowshoeing in the forest. Knowing when to say when. If to shop on Black Friday or stay off the streets. Know how much system testing is enough. When to believe the weather person. Getting an "A" in a class and actually knowing the material to boot.

What is more important than the ability to learn?

I believe there is perhaps one thing more important in life than the ability to learn... choosing to learn at all. To have the ability to learn is not to have the desire. I assert that having the desire to learn is more important than the ability to learn. Everyone is capable of learning if they choose so; unfortunately, not all people choose to learn.

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